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New 8 week navigation course: Cake and Compass

Cake and Compass 8 week navigation course by Five Senses at the Barony Cafe, Alyth


Cake and Compass is an 8-week course in February 2019 that’s intended for people who want to learn more about the map and compass to gain confidence but who don’t want to be standing out in a cold, wet field.

We all learn best when we’re enjoying themselves and are comfortable, so Cake and Compass offers you the chance to sit in comfort, enjoy some excellent cake and high quality coffee or tea and learn the navigation in a relaxed, informal way — rather than outdoors or in a classroom. There’s no Powerpoint presentation, slides or intimidating questions here!

Instead, find out answers to common problems like:

  • using a compass correctly
  • poor sense of direction
  • difficulty interpreting contours
  • not really understanding maps
  • OK with following footpaths but not really getting how maps are used in the wild
  • lack of confidence outdoors

Find out the answer to this favourite question: ‘Is it possible to be certain where you are in the wild with only a map and compass and not a GPS?’

If you’re someone who has allowed other people to do the navigating for them, or who hasn’t felt motivated enough to go out and practice on your own or book onto formal course, then this is for you.

Time: 4-6pm

Date: Sundays, 3 February – 24 March 2019

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: £15/session including cake and hot drink

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