Navigation Courses: Finding Your Way With Ease

Learn to navigate not just with compass and map, but by starlight and moon, wind and sun.

Never be lost again.

Why learn how to navigate?

Learning how to navigate gives you the freedom to explore, to leave the path.

You can head up the mountain when everyone else is coming off, or be on the mountain top when the sun rises.

You’ve got the confidence to move in the dark because you have a map that tells you where the hazards like cliffs are, and can navigate so you don’t fall off!

Mountains have things like old mines, waterfalls, cliffs and all sorts of dangerous, scary stuff. The more you get scared, the more likely you are to get lost and have an injury. It’s also true for when the weather changes, the clouds roll in and suddenly you can’t see where you are.

You have the mountain all to myself when that happens.

Mountains like Ben Nevis and Snowdon, when there are hundreds of people, don’t have the same magic they do when you go up at night and have it to yourself. These are the moments that become lifelong memories, life-changing memories, when you sit on a mountain and see the stars up above you, or you see a’moonbow’ — a rainbow caused by the moon.

When you know how to navigate, you can go wherever you want to go. So if you see something on a hillside, you can go there.  Iron Age hillforts, Stone Age hut circles, Roman houses — they’re all out there waiting for you.

If you’re ready to undertake this adventure, choose either our One Day Navigation or Weekend Navigation (which includes Night Navigation!):

Navigation Day Course

Weekend Navigation Course