Mobile outdoor skills and bushcraft instructor

Your personal outdoor skills instructor

Have your very own instructor in outdoor survival and bushcraft exactly where you want: your home territory.

No more showing up to find everything prepared and bearing no relation to the reality you live in. Have your instructor deal with the real world challenges you face: navigating Munros in mist, campfires in torrential downpours, or simply only having very basic kit.

Let us come to you

As a nomadic Instructor, Malcolm will come to you, with his rucksack and knowledge, and teach you in your local woods, school or garden.

This is hugely liberating, freeing you from a dependency upon gear and connecting you with your local habitat in a profound and energising way. It’s better for the environment too!

For school and children’s groups: The Adventure Club in your neighbourhood

Boy and girl building natural shelter in the woods

Schools and children’s groups might be interested in the Adventure Club which teaches outdoor skills in a fun yet challenging way to kids ages 7 and up.

Ranging from building shelters to making fire, learning how to navigate to staying safe in the outdoors, the Club also links strongly to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in developing maths and science skills. We can offer one-day or multi-day sessions, depending on your interest.

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Want to improve your navigation skills and finally tackle that Munro?

Man holding compass with mountains in background

Learning how to navigate gives you the freedom to explore, to leave the path. You can head up the mountain when everyone else is coming off, or be on the mountain top when the sun rises.

You’ll get the confidence to move in the dark because you have a map that tells you where the hazards like cliffs are, and can navigate so you don’t fall off!

On either a one-day or weekend course, you’ll get to learn how to read a map, how not to get lost, and even how to tell direction by a compass and the sun via natural navigation.

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Learn how to make fire

Using a bow drill to make fire

Gather natural materials including different woods, bark and plants for kindling and learn bow-drill friction firemaking.

You’ll go away with your own basic fire kit, the knowledge of how to use it and the confidence you can create your own fire from scratch.

Our teaching is focused not only upon the technical aspects of the craft but extends beyond – to why this matters and how this skill will give you confidence, a connection with nature and past humanity.

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