Guided Walks

Malcolm enjoying life at the top of a guided walk

Malcolm works as a mountain leader for walking festivals and leads walking holidays in Scotland and Wales, caring for his group’s safety and wellbeing, enriching the day with stories and local knowledge.

He often leads from the back, ensuring everyone enjoys the experience, as we all have different paces and rhythms.

You will very rarely see him actually using a map and compass because our navigation teaching is to internalise those details through preparation, leaving time to serenely walk with friends and enjoy conversations, while secretly maintaining a watchful eye on time, the journey and people’s faces.

He also has a love of path making and pay great attention to the feel of a walk; the places to pause for views and to stimulate all the senses, the time for a good steady pace and when to relax and meander.

The art of being a walk leader is to make the experience easy and delightful, while the planning and assessments remain hidden.

He first walked up Snowdon (the highest peak in Wales and higher than anything in England) before he was 5 years old, and he’s been walking mountains ever since.

“My love of map reading, open spaces and being immersed in nature meant a childhood walking mountains and hills, orienteering and camping. It was natural that I’d gravitate to being a walk leader, guide youth groups and teach mountain navigation.”

Malcolm has a Mountain Leadership Certificate, Liability Insurance, PVG checks and undergoes regular First Aid training.

Contact us if you or your group would like to learn more about how Malcolm can help you on your next walk.