Firemaking Courses: Igniting the Past

Making fire is a an essential part of human life, as inseparable from us as our need for shelter, food or water.

And it was once far more sacred than any statue…

Come and learn this most ancient of skills with us in Scotland (where we’re famous for our sunny conditions), and you’ll leave with the blissful confidence firemaking brings.

What do you do without warmth and light, especially in the dark uncertainty of the night? You forage. Like the people of the past, you get to know the different plants, materials and tools needed to make and keep fire. And not just in nice weather, either!

Why should I learn firemaking?

Our teaching is focused not only upon the technical aspects of the craft but extends beyond – to why this matters and how this skill will give you confidence, a connection with nature and past humanity.

Full day firemaking4

What makes our firemaking courses different?

All courses are led by Malcolm and you will get hours of one-to-one teaching — it’s all about your experience.

If you pay for 2 people, there will just be the two of you on the course. A family or group booking will again be just your group. 

We don’t just use our eyes and ears to learn the ancient skills or to experience the landscape, we immerse ourself in it and discover through tasting, feeling and smelling too – if you can. By enlisting all the power of your senses, you learn deeply and gain a profound connection with nature, the history of human fire making and thus your entire world.

Which course is right for me?

We have 3 courses to suit your interests and schedules.

“These are experiences the children will never forget … being so enthralled by a moment that it changes the way someone thinks for ever.”

Sara T.

Firemaking Weekend

Perfect for a weekend getaway, this is our intensive firemaking course suited to those who want to learn everything there is to know about making fire. Over two days and an evening, you learn the art of firemaking by collecting supplies and foraging, creating your own...

Firemaking Full Day Course

  Join Malcolm as he gathers natural materials (including different woods, bark and plants for kindling) and demonstrates bow-drill friction firemaking, before you have a bash yourself. You’ll go away with your own basic...

Firemaking Taster Course

Our taster session for those who want the basics. Learn how to forage for flammable materials and build a fire from scratch. You will learn about tools used in firemaking, as well as how to create and keep fire....