In ancient times, wayfinders found the way ahead without a trail to follow, relying on their inner guidance and skill to locate a new home, find the hunt, or heal the tribe.

shaman photo

In modern times, wayfinders are a bit different. They’re here to, you know, save the earth.

Traits of a wayfinder

Wayfinders have at least a few of these characteristics:

  • Feel a calling to heal the world in some way, however humble
  • Have moved around a lot or traveled extensively
  • Love to learn and ask questions
  • Often break the rules, challenging the way things are done
  • Have been through the dark night of the soul
  • Feel like a global citizen
  • Looked for a ‘tribe’ but often not quite found it
  • Struggle to do what ‘everyone’ is doing
  • Wish, even if only secretly, that magic was real

Does any of that sound like you? If so, then you may be a wayfinder.

Over the years that we’ve run Five Senses, we’ve seen a certain type of person again and again, and many of them become friends for life. We realised these folks  were wayfinders and so recently, we’ve created a whole 3-day tour experience just for them: The Wayfinder Experience.

How to enjoy being a wayfinder

We’re wayfinders ourselves and have dedicated most of our lives to exploring how to be happy and effective when you’re trying to save the world. Of course the first key is to not take it too seriously, so we say ‘save the world’ a bit tongue in cheek, but it just sounds more fun than ‘try to do some good things that help people and planet’. You get the gist.

All the work we do is ultimately about making the world a bit better. In our case, our mission is to create magical outdoor and cultural experiences that help people confidently navigate their lives, that help them enjoy life immensely.

So the first way we help people enjoy life is to to take people into the simple beauty of Scotland.

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We encourage them to stroke velvety moss, inhale the scent of woodsmoke, taste smoked salmon made nearby.  We take them to places where they can’t help but feel wonderful.

The second way is to teach a few simple skills.

Three key wayfinder skills

There are three areas of skill that we introduce guests to on our Wayfinder Experience. These are:

  1. 4 Technologies of Magic
  2. Energy medicine
  3. Self Love

In this post, we’ll talk about the first, the 4 Technologies of Magic and later posts will go into more detail about the other two.

4 Technologies of Magic

The first is what Martha Beck, life coach to Oprah, calls the ‘4 Technologies of Magic’ in her book (where she also introduced us to the term and concept of ‘wayfinders’) Finding Your Way In A Wild New World.

With a triple-degree from Harvard, Beck isn’t your typical woo-woo evangelist. She applies rigour and discipline to her investigations, so when she writes, she has a lot of credibility because you know she’s done her homework.

Beck traveled the world for several years to study with traditional wayfinders such as tribal shamans, medicine people, and healers looking at which tools were the most commonly used and accessible to modern day people. She distilled this wisdom down to the 4 Technologies of Magic — magic as in, stuff we don’t yet know how to explain fully scientifically but will someday.

The 4 Technologies are:

  1. Wordlessness, the state you enter in meditation
  2. Oneness, a feeling of love and connection
  3. Imagination, using your imagination specifically when in Wordlessness and Oneness
  4. Forming, visualising the reality of something so it happens in the real world

When you master these four skills, you can create magic. As in, summon animals telepathically, bend spoons, change the weather kind of magic. What we’d call real magic.

If you’re sceptical at this point, you’re not alone — we were too. Especially when our early attempts ended in utter failure and we felt a bit foolish.

But then things changed.

Lately, we go on walks and mentally summon animals and they appear.

deer photo

We do a particularly fun exercise called Hands-Together where you use Oneness and Wordlessness to effortlessly move someone else’s hands together — whose hands you aren’t able to press together just through sheer strength. See it demonstrated here.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle

But the magic bits aside, the best part of learning the 4 Technologies is that it has changed how we approach life, work, everything.

We used to feel life was a struggle, that we had to work, work, work to make things happen. We nearly burned ourselves out that way. Luckily, through the practice of the 3 subjects we mentioned above, our working and personal lives have transformed. Now, money seems to appear when we need it. Or people get in touch to offer help or resources without our asking.

There’s a flow to life that means each day actually has enough time in it, that things get done without having to push. Can you imagine what that could be like?

Learn more about 4 Technologies of Magic

If that sounds utterly impossible for your life, that’s fine. But if it’s something you’d like to explore, definitely check out Martha Beck’s book or read our book review. And consider coming on our Wayfinder Experience in 2017. We’ll be running these 3 day events starting in April, with sessions throughout the year.

Next post: energy medicine

In the next post, we’ll talk about the second wayfinder skill: ‘energy medicine’. Here we’ll talk about how 5 minutes of lightly running your hands over the right areas of your body can help you heal and give you all the energy you need for the day. And it’s free to learn and ridiculously easy to do!


Photo by Daniel E Lee