After School Adventure Club

by | May 31, 2018

The Adventure Club teaches outdoor skills in a fun yet challenging way to kids ages 7 and up. Ranging from building shelters to making fire, learning how to navigate to staying safe in the outdoors, the Club also links strongly to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in developing maths and science skills.

Five Senses runs both a Holiday Adventure Club during school holidays and an After School Adventure Club.

During the school term, the After School Adventure Club runs for 90 minutes, one day a week for 6 weeks. Each session is themed around:

  • Navigation
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Making
  • Survival Skills

Earning badges

Children earn badges upon completion of each day, starting with Level 1 and progressing through the Levels as skills are mastered. When a child has earned all 4 badges in a Level, a special ceremony takes place including a special cord for holding and displaying badges earned.

5 different badges

Is the Adventure Club right for my child?

For some parents, the Adventure Club is a chance for their kids to play outside in the fresh air, learn outdoor skills they will take with them all their lives, and burn off all that energy kids have.

For others, the Club is about helping their kids learn maths and science through play, developing their academic skills without their even noticing it.

And for parents whose kids have ADHD or similar specific needs, it’s about providing their kids with an experience which lets them be themselves whilst being supported safely, to decompress from the pressures of modern day living by being immersed in nature.

We’ve seen amazing results from all ages and abilities: children are calmer, more focused, more relaxed and more engaged in learning. They ask questions and take the initiative to continue learning in between sessions and beyond. Our goal is to nurture children’s natural curiosity, problem-solving and sheer joy in life.

Two boys reading maps in forest

Do I need to attend?

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend. However, the club is intended to encourage independence and self-determination, like real adventurers, so any adults are asked to sit back and let the children figure things out for themselves.

How does this tie into the school curriculum?

We’ve worked closely with teachers and integrated a number of objectives from the Curriculum for Excellence into our activities. Our activities meet objectives from the Curriculum in:

  • Social Studies (how people lived in the past)
  • Technologies
  • Languages (recording data)
  • Health and Well-Being (activity and being outside)
  • Science (mechanics, ecology, physics)
  • Mathematics

For example, in the Navigation component we teach how to measure using your body, from a hand’s span to using your walking pace to measure 100 metres. This gives children the chance to use multiplication (using multiples of 5s and 20s to get to 100), number sequencing, scale, mental calculations.

In Shelter Building, children learn how to work with 2D and 3D shapes, practical applications for triangles, how mathematical systems are interrelated and useful, and Symmetry and Asymmetry.

If you’re a teacher, you might be interested in the two-hour Outdoor Education session we held with teachers at Alyth Primary School. Download itinerary: Adventure Club – Curriculum Outdoor Education sample itinerary

From the kids’ perspective however, they’re just having fun doing a treasure hunt (Navigation) and building a den (Shelter Building)! 

Boy and girl making campfire in forest

What about risks?

We do a full Benefit/Risk Assessment for every school or group we work with. Benefit/Risk Assessments not only look at all the potential risks of the activity, they also spell out the associated benefits.

Risk assessments were a significant part of Malcolm’s Geography degree and Mountain Leader training, so he takes it very seriously. We also believe in children taking responsibility for their own safety and not to be wrapped in cotton wool, and each session is designed to teach these skills safely and thoroughly to the children.

So in each session, children are kept safe but from the child’s point of view, they will feel responsible for their own safety. Have a look at a Benefit/Risk Assessment we did for one of the Adventure Club sessions at Isla Primary School:

Benefit/Risk Assessment Adventurers’ Club Woodland Sessions

Where is the Adventure Club located?

The After School Adventure Club is currently running at Isla Primary School in near Kirriemuir, in Angus, Scotland. 

front of school

Bring the Adventure Club to your school

We can also work with enthusiastic parents and teachers to bring the Adventure Club to your area, whether for a one-off session or on an on-going basis. If you’d like to learn more about how you can integrate outdoor learning with the school curriculum at your school, we also run specific, Curriculum-based training sessions with teachers.

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Location: Isla Primary School, Lintrathen, Kirriemuir, Angus and other locations on demand 

Sessions: 6 sessions of Navigation, Shelter Building, Fire Making and Survival Skills

Time: Each session is 90 minutes, approx 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Price: £10/session or £45 for all 6 sessions

Interested in having us at your school or group?

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